You can expect totally independent advice, financial transparency, access to a network of the very best people (if I can't find the answer I'll find someone who can) and above all, conversations in plain English.


30 years ago I was a Graduate Trainee at JWT London.  A lot has happened since then.


I went on to work at some of the biggest and best advertising, communication and marketing groups in London, New York and Sydney. At all levels from Account Executive to CEO.


And during that time the word "agency" was redefined so often to a point where, if you now ask 10 people what an agency is or does, you'll get 10 different answers.


The fundamentals however haven't changed.  Any creative business regardless of it's skill set, needs to be nimble and to stay smart if they are to survive and prosper.  And marketers will always need the best strategic and creative thinking if they are to stay ahead of their competition and deliver the results that their Boards are demanding. An increasing number however don't want to be held hostage by an agency contract.


Third Eye is 30 years of experience being put to good use.  All in an age of emerging technologies, flexible working practices and the constant search for financial and process efficiencies.