Strategic planning, marketing plan development, communications strategy. Too often proposals are made based entirely on an agency's capabilities. Complete freedom of thought was, is and always will be what clients should be paying for.



The best creative brains in Australia don't all work in agencies.  Many are freelance creatives who prefer the freedom to work their own hours, often remotely. But great creative thinking will also be found by working directly with photographers, graphic designers, UX designers, writers, directors, stylists, planners, project managers.  Oh yes, and clients.  Clients who have great ideas but need support to make them fly. 



Great ideas need to be made.  

By the right people.  

For the right price.

At the right right time.

That means putting together the best team for the job, not the only team available. 

Third Eye supports Marketing Operations and Creative Enterprises, providing the freedom to "Think", "Create" and "Do" outside a conventional agency structure.